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VMware NASA Catalog

VMware NASA Catalog Benefits With DH Tech:

  • Pre-negotiated pricing allows you to eliminate the bidding process
  • DH Tech acts as a single point of contact for all VMware projects
  • Ease and assistance of tracking all of your assets
  • Time to deploy is greatly reduced

VMware NASA Catalog from Devin Henderson on Vimeo.


DH Technologies, LLC (DH Tech) is pleased to announce award of the NASA VMware Brand Name Products and Services to support the needs of NASA Centers and Facility needs. With the addition of the VMware Agency Catalog, DH Tech rapidly delivers virtualization solutions to all NASA Centers and Facilities.

This Agency Catalog is one of several held by DH Tech under our Agency Catalog portfolio available through the NASA SEWP V Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC). Additional Agency Catalogs include the Department of the Navy NetApp Agency Catalog, NAVY High Performance Computing Agency Catalog, SEC Tableau, DoDNet Agency Catalog with the following Categories: Dell Thin Client under Workstations, Peripherals, and Infrastructure Software.

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